Level + Temperature combined

Model Type

Probe analog output level and temperature 4-20mA:  TN-200
Level Switch with temperature switch: TN-210 
Probe analog output level 4-20mA and temperature switch:  TN-220
Level Switch with Pt100:  TN-230
Probe analog output level 4-20mA an Pt100:  TN-240
Float Switch with Temperature analog output 4-20mA:  TN-250


Level and Temperature combined design

Combination between level and temperature in stainless steel 316Ti with terminal box or cable.
Process connections are BSP or NPT 1/8" up to 2" or ANSI / DIN flanges as well.
Tube length or switch points position are customize, pressure up to max. 40 bar and temperature up to max 150 degree C.
For liquids such as oil, water, diesel, watery mediums.